During the Summer, visits were made to two schools – West Jesmond Primary in Jesmond, and Sacred Heart RC Primary in Fenham – to explore the ideas being developed as part of Streets for People in these two areas.

As part of these visits, the children explored some of the streets that were proposed to be changed in their area by working in groups and using a variety of tools to understand the problems and gather ideas for changes. The intention behind this was to give them an invaluable opportunity for their ideas for their neighbourhood to feed directly into the Streets for People plans.

In addition to walking around the neighbourhood, they also used a mapping tool in the classroom to discuss their ideas as a class and share the pictures they took and the drawings they made along the way.

Finally, they were given the chance to present their favourite ideas to officers from Newcastle City Council and residents who were involved in helping draw up the plans.

We are extremely grateful to the children and staff at West Jesmond Primary and Sacred Heart RC Primary for their enthusiasm and participation. These visits formed part of a research project undertaken by Sean Peacock and Clara Crivellaro, both of whom are researchers at the Open Lab at Newcastle University. If you are interested in finding out more about this project, please contact Sean Peacock.

Look out for a more detailed summary on the children’s work, which will follow shortly.