Here you can find data about the amount of car traffic going through main roads in each of the Streets for People neighbourhoods. Traffic counts are commonly used by urban designers to indicate which roads carry the most traffic and predict the impact of road closures elsewhere on these traffic numbers. The data has informed the drawing up of the proposals in each of the areas and this data is referenced in each of the respective neighbourhood plans.

The data is presented in a series of technical spreadsheets packaged as ZIP files. These files will require unzipping upon downloading (by right clicking on the folder downloaded to your computer).

Traffic counts for Arthurs Hill and Fenham

Traffic counts for Heaton and Ouseburn

Traffic counts for Jesmond

The local group in Heaton and Ouseburn have visualised the data for their neighbourhood to make it more accessible for people looking to understand the amount of car traffic on streets in Heaton and Ouseburn. This data is broken down street-by-street and is presented in the form of several graphs. You can find this at Heaton Traffic Stats (external link), kindly provided by Mark Nelson.