Heaton Road Area – Proposed Waiting Restrictions, Speed Limit, Pedestrian Crossing and Road Humps

It is proposed to  –

(a) introduce no waiting at any time restrictions (double yellow lines) on a section of Alexandra Road, St Gabriel’s Avenue, Cartington Terrace, Simonside Terrace, Rothbury Terrace and sections of Heaton Road,

(b) amend lengths of existing no waiting at any time restriction (double yellow lines) on Burlington Gardens, Rothbury Terrace and Jesmond Vale Lane,

(c) extend the length of Heaton Road which is subject to a 20mph speed limit,

(d) introduce a puffin pedestrian crossing on Heaton Road, and

(e) construct a raised table (road hump) on Alexandra Road, Simonside Terrace, Burlington Gardens and Jesmond Vale Lane.

If you wish to comment on the proposals please complete a Lets Talk survey which can be found through the link below.  If you wish to object to the proposals please also email setting out the grounds for your objection.

You will also find the details contained in the Notice, supporting documents, a plan, draft orders and the reasons for the proposals on the Lets Talk page too.

End date: 20 October 2020

Jesmond Streets for People – Reply to Comments & Concerns

Osborne Road / North Jesmond Avenue Proposals

Thank you for taking the time to attend the drop-in session or respond to the proposals by email or phone call.

We’ve used your feedback to prepare a note that clarifies the Council’s position on many of the frequently asked questions, comments and concerns that have been raised with us:

You can view this note by clicking this link: Osborne Road NJA reply to comments

Heaton Road Cycle Track Proposals – Reply to Comments & Concerns

Heaton Road Drop in Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to write comment sheets, email in or make a phone call.

We’ve used your feedback to prepare a note that clarifies the Council’s position on many of the frequently asked questions, comments and concerns that have been raised with us.

You can view this note by clicking this link: Heaton Road reply to comments


Nuns Moor Road, Bolbec Road and Gowland Avenue Junction improvements: Information drop in session- Tuesday 16th July 4.30pm to 7.30pm at St Roberts Catholic Church Hall, Cedar Road

The scheme is designed to reduce the speed and volume of through traffic with the introduction of a modal filter on Nuns Moor Road with an experimental traffic regulation order.

Introduce yellow lines at the corner of each junction on Bolbec Road and Gowland Avenue end  to improve visibility and build out the kerb lines to reduce turning speeds.

You can download the scheme drawing here 04B Cedar Rd Nuns Moor Gowland

Heaton & Ouseburn Update

Heaton Road Improvements 

Drop in Session – Wednesday 17th July 3pm till 7.30pm

at St Gabriel’s Church, St Gabriel’s Avenue, Heaton.

This scheme is part of the Heaton and Ouseburn Streets for People Neighbourhood Plan which has been developed following consultation exercises with residents and local groups from 2016 onwards.

The scheme is designed to improve Heaton Road for people on foot and on bikes and includes a high-quality protected cycle route, extending the existing cycle track on Heaton Road to the Corner House. Side road junctions would also be tightened to reduce vehicle speeds, with raised tables added to provide level crossing places for people on foot. New pedestrian crossings are proposed near Simonside Terrace, Rothbury Terrace and the St Gabriel’s / Cartington Terrace junction.

Please call in at any time during the session to look at larger scale drawings and ask questions. You can also look at the plan 40 Heaton Road Consultation Plan – 1


Update July 2019 – Jesmond Streets for People

North Jesmond Avenue / Osborne Road / St George’s Terrace junction improvements – 

The scheme is designed to improve road safety by introducing traffic signals with pedestrian crossings at the junction of St George’s Terrace, North Jesmond Avenue and Osborne Road.

Segregated cycling facilities have also been included to help people riding bikes to travel safely through this stretch of Osborne Road.

Side roads will also be improved to make them safer for all road users, especially people on foot and on bikes.

Information Drop-in Session

on Thursday 11th July, 3pm to 7.30pm at Jesmond Library, St George’s Terrace.

See the scheme drawing here: SfPJ-17031.0002-02C General Arrangement







Streets for People update – January 2019

It’s been some time since our last update because we’ve been busy converting the findings from our public consultation and internal council consultations into briefs to amend the original drawings in the neighbourhood plans for Heaton & Ouseburn; Jesmond; & Arthur’s Hill & Fenham.

The amended scheme drawings have also been thoroughly costed so we have a much clearer idea of what is affordable and achievable within the available budget.

It was always our intention to propose a greater number of schemes than we had the budget for, thereby creating a sub set of ‘go to’ proposals in each area that could be brought forward in the event of other funding being identified.

Shortlisted schemes

We have discussed the options for each area with the Streets for People reference groups and fed this back to local Ward Councillors who have determined the following shortlisted schemes to progress to formal consultation and delivery.

Heaton & Ouseburn

  • Cycle track and junction improvements along Heaton Road connecting the existing cycle track to the Corner House;
  • Closing Tintern Crescent to motor traffic at the Heaton Park View end;
  • Closing Sefton Avenue to motor traffic at the Cartington Terrace end and the back lane; and
  • Changing the priority of the junction of Stannington Avenue and Stannington Grove.


  • Traffic calming and junction improvements along Moorfield and cycle track on Ilford Road between Jesmond Dene Road and Moorfield;
  • Pedestrian crossings and cycling facilities on Osborne Road at the junctions with St George’s Terrace and North Jesmond Avenue;
  • Raised tables to improve the experience for people walking or trying to cross at the road ends along St George’s Terrace;
  • Closing Norham Place to motor vehicles near the junction with Mistletoe Road; and
  • Decluttering Brentwood Avenue to improve the pedestrian experience and adding some cycle parking near the shops.

Arthur’s Hill & Fenham

  • Near Moorside Community Primary we intend to provide raised tables to improve the experience for people walking and trying to cross. We will also build out the kerb lines to reduce turning speeds on the junctions of the side streets leading onto Beaconsfield Street;
  • Near Westgate Hill Primary School we want to introduce a toucan crossing, and build out the kerb line and raise the surface on the end of Gloucester Road and Beaconsfield Street to reduce traffic turning speeds. We will also widen and resurface the footway outside the parade of shops with a raised surface across the back lane on Westgate Road east of Beaconsfield Street.
  • On Lonnen Avenue we will tighten the end of the junction and provide a raised surface leading onto Two Ball Lonnen.
  • We intend to remove the mini roundabout feature and extend the pathways to tighten up the junction on Cedar Road, Lonnen Avenue, Convent Road and Linden Avenue. We also want to make it easier for people to cross the road and introduce traffic calming measures and a zebra crossing across Cedar Road.
  • We also intend to introduce an experimental traffic order to remove through traffic on Nuns Moor Road. A restriction would be introduced east of Gowland Avenue and west of Nuns Moor Crescent. We also intend to build out the kerb lines and introduce raised surfaces across the junctions of Bolbec Road and Gowland Avenue onto Cedar Road to make crossing the road much easier.
  • We are also working on an ERDF funding bid that will, if successful, enable us to use some match funding from the Streets for People project to continue the delivery of a greater amount of the main East / West cycle route heading towards the city centre.

Next Steps

We are now working on the detailed design of schemes and putting together a programme for delivery of schemes, which we hope will begin in the next few weeks and will provide a further update when it is in place.

We recognise that some people involved in this process may not agree with the shortlisted schemes, and appreciate they will have their own preferences. We also recognise that the delivery of the above schemes are subject to statutory consultation processes and it is clear that some will be significantly more controversial than others. We hope we can rely on your ongoing engagement with the process to get a range of improvements delivered.

Streets for People update, August 2018

Since we published the three findings reports earlier this Spring (see below), we’ve been talking the findings through with technical officers in the council. These have included Highway Engineers and Traffic Management Engineers, as well as local Councillors and the Streets for People Reference Groups. Considering all that feedback together has led us to issue project briefs for detailed design work to be undertaken to amend the designs we consulted you about last year.

We hope to have new drawings to share and some proposals for trials and further consultation in the Autumn.

What’s the real story about air quality around our schools?

Newcastle University’s Urban Observatory have installed Air Quality, real time monitoring units outside some of our local schools. The data they are collecting is available on the Urban Observatory online data portal, so you can look at the results in real time from the following schools:

  • Cragside Primary School, High Heaton
  • St Teresa’s Primary School, Heaton
  • Broadway East / Brunton Park First Schools, Gosforth
  • Across from St Gabriel’s Nursery, Heaton (Chillingham Rd / Cartington Terrace)
  • Westerhope Primary School
  • Sacred Heart Primary School, Fenham
  • Knop Law Primary School, Chapel Park
  • St Mary’s High School, Benton
  • Atkinson Road Primary School, Benwell
  • West Jesmond Primary School
  • Chillingham Road Primary School
  • St Albans’ Primary School, Walker

Please note!

  • They’re real time monitors, they aren’t high-precision ones.
  • Because of this, they’re not accredited by DEFRA for formal air quality monitoring standards but they still do provide useful information.
  • Over time, as the electro-chemical sensors degrade, the sensors can ‘wander’ and give misleading results.
  • They’re installed and maintained by Newcastle Urban Observatory rather than the Council’s Environmental Health Team who look after the high precision monitoring in Air Quality Management Areas.
  • Please don’t take short-term exceedances as being an immediate crisis. Long periods of monitoring are really needed to account for seasonal and other variations. The 1 hour limit for NO2 is 200 micrograms per m3, while the annual mean average limit is 40 micrograms per m3.