This part of the neighbourhood plan proposes reducing the number of car parking spaces on Forsyth Road, between Great North Road and Highbury. This space is currently used for parking but could be reallocated to provide cycling facilities on this popular route.

There are two options for how these cycling facilities could look.

  1. Two-way cycle path on the north side of the road (PDF format)
  2. Single track cycle paths on each side of the road (PDF format)

It also proposes introducing a trial one-way system on the residential stretch of Forsyth Road, between Highbury and Brentwood Avenue, to address congestion and deter ‘rat-running’ through West Jesmond. This is shown in the drawing below.

Forsyth Road one-way option

Proposed changes to Forsyth Road one way, between Brentwood Avenue and Highbury (PDF format)

Finally, the plan proposes improving crossing facilities at the Brentwood Avenue / Forsyth Road / Tankerville Terrace junction, enhancing safety and comfort for pedestrians.

The intended benefits of the plans are to:

  • Improve access and road safety from all approaches to West Jesmond Primary for children and carers on foot and on bikes;
  • Reduce congestion and improve traffic flow on Forsyth Road, to reduce the need for drivers to speed to avoid conflicts with oncoming traffic and reduce risk of damage to parked and moving vehicles; and
  • Provide a deterrent to ‘rat-running’ through West Jesmond from the Great North Road.


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