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This part of the neighbourhood plan involves making improvements to Stanhope Street, a busy road in Arthur’s Hill, to make it safer and easier to walk and cycle and get from Arthur’s Hill to the city centre.

You can read about the plans and see what these improvements could look like by scrolling down this page, navigating to the part of the plan you are interested in, and downloading technical drawings (in PDF format).


Along Stanhope Street at the junctions of Beaconsfield Street, Clarewood Court, Cottingwood Court Hamilton Court, Avison Street, Court and Derby Street

What’s the idea?

A package of measures to improve the road safety and visibility for people on foot and on bikes on this busy route with high volumes of traffic, that a significant number of local roads and streets connect to.

The package of measures to improve this includes:

  • Improve cycle infrastructure at the junction with advance stop lines and low level cycle signals, introduce an east bound mandatory cycle lane with light segregation on Stanhope Street from the junctions of Beaconsfield Street, and provide a bus stop boarder outside the supermarket and at other stops along this route.
  • Along Stanhope Street to the Clarewood Court junction place the yellow lines on the outside of the cycle lane remove the build out to rearrange car parking. On all the junctions build out the kerb to reduce the turning speeds and crossing distance, also remove the centre line to reduce traffic speed on the main highway.
  • Create a cycle lane within the bus bay and reconfigure the bus stop this will be helped by the removal of the centre hatch markings. Before the junction at Cottingwood Court remove the refuge island replacing this with a zebra crossing and a bus friendly raised table.
  • Junction treatments and light segregation to continue along Stanhope Street with the removal of hatch markings and refuge islands and priority give way features.
  • Further introduction of zebra crossings located on the west side of Aviston Street and another further east in line with the pathways on either side of Stanhope Street.
  • By the junction of Derby Street removal of the refuge island with a zebra crossing.

What are the benefits?

The new crossings and cycle infrastructure contribute to road safety and also make important connections in walking and cycling routes. The other measures allow for a safer speed to be maintained.

Technical drawings