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This part of the neighbourhood plan involves making improvements to the green space north of Kingsway (behind Morrisons), Kingsway, Bolbec Road and Gowland Avenue. The objective of this is to make it safer and easier to cycle and walk between Cowgate, Fenham and the West Road.

You can read about the plans and see what these improvements could look like by scrolling down this page, navigating to the part of the plan you are interested in, and downloading technical drawings (in PDF format).

Gowland Avenue
Visualisation of what an improved Hadrian Road / Gowland Avenue junction could look like


  • Kingsway / A167 Greenspace
  • Kingsway / Queensway
  • Kingsway / Fenham Hall Drive
  • Cedar Road / Bolbec Road
  • Hadrian Road / Gowland Avenue
  • West Road / Gowland Avenue

What’s the idea?

To provide a package of measures to improve the connection of this local route, road safety and visibility for people on foot and on bikes, North from Kingsway/A167 Greenspace south to West Road/Gowland Avenue.  

The package of measures to improve this includes:

  • Improvements to the pathway across the greenspace between Kingsway and the A167, these include widening the existing pathway, introducing timber edged kerbs and low level lighting.
  • Install yellow lines at the junction of Kingsway and Queensway and other measures to improve access and visibility.
  • Build out the edges of the kerbs and introduce yellow lines to Improve safety and visibility at the junction at Kingsway/Fenham Hall Drive and Bolbec Road.
  • Improved crossing facilities and tightening up of the junctions to reduce turning speeds at Cedar Road/Bolbec Road and traffic calming features to maintain the 20mph zone.
  • Improved cycle access through the existing road closure Hadrian Road/Gowland Avenue and on the other side at the junction introduction of planting and seating.
  • Removal of guard rail, introduction of yellow lines and an advances stop line at the junction of West Road/Gowland Avenue.

Technical drawings