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Nuns Moor Road, Bolbec Road and Gowland Avenue Proposals – Reply to Comments & Concerns

Thank you for taking the time to attend the drop-in session or respond to the proposals by email or phone call.

We’ve used your feedback to prepare a note that clarifies the Council’s position on many of the frequently asked questions, comments and concerns that have been raised with us.

You can view this note by clicking this link: Arthur’s Hill and Fenham – reply to comments


Based on the experiences, insights and ideas collected in last year’s survey about what it’s like getting around in Arthurs Hill & Fenham, your local Streets for People Reference Group have worked with an Urban Designer to come up with a set of proposals to address the issues that were raised last year. We are calling this our Neighbourhood Plan.

The Arthurs Hill & Fenham neighbourhood plan includes six broad proposals. These are:

  • Creating a new east-west cycle route, between Two Ball Lonnen and Wellington Street (via Lonnen Avenue, Cedar Road and Studley Terrace)
  • Improving north-south cycle and walking links between Cowgate and the West Road (via Kingsway and Gowland Avenue)
  • Improving north-south cycle and walking links around Nuns Moor and Arthurs Hill (e.g. on Fenham Hall Drive, Dilston Road and Gainsborough Grove)
  • Improving Stanhope Street for cycling and walking
  • Improving road safety around local schools
  • Small neighbourhood improvements (e.g. improving the green space on Hadrian Road/Hoyle Avenue, and removing some traffic from some back lanes)

To find out more about these proposals, you can click on the link below to download the plan and find out more about each proposal. When you are ready to give us your feedback, you can do so by completing a survey, which will be made available on this page shortly.

Arthurs Hill & Fenham Neighbourhood Plan (PDF format; updated 17 November)

You can find a map showing all of these proposals below. You can also download a PDF version of this map below.

Map of proposals in Arthur’s Hill & Fenham (PDF format; updated 17 October)

If you wish to explore these proposals in more detail and look up technical drawings of what these proposals could look like, you can also follow this link and navigate to the proposal you are interested in.

AHF neighbourhood plan 17 Oct