Heaton Road Improvements 

Drop in Session – Wednesday 17th July 3pm till 7.30pm

at St Gabriel’s Church, St Gabriel’s Avenue, Heaton.

This scheme is part of the Heaton and Ouseburn Streets for People Neighbourhood Plan which has been developed following consultation exercises with residents and local groups from 2016 onwards.

The scheme is designed to improve Heaton Road for people on foot and on bikes and includes a high-quality protected cycle route, extending the existing cycle track on Heaton Road to the Corner House. Side road junctions would also be tightened to reduce vehicle speeds, with raised tables added to provide level crossing places for people on foot. New pedestrian crossings are proposed near Simonside Terrace, Rothbury Terrace and the St Gabriel’s / Cartington Terrace junction.

Please call in at any time during the session to look at larger scale drawings and ask questions. You can also look at the plan 40 Heaton Road Consultation Plan – 1


3 thoughts on “Heaton & Ouseburn Update

  1. This project should be stopped immediately. It is a waste of public money. I believe that residents should be given a yes/no vote instead of the council trying to push this through with a biased consultation. The scheme will do little to improve anything for residents and lead to more serious traffic problems and hideous disruption while work is carried out. In effect it will do little to improve anything for the residents and is more likely to cause a hinderance.. It is stated in the blurb that walking and cycling both dominate as the most typical methods of travelling in and around the proposal area. I can tell you that the amount of cyclist in this area can be counted on two hands. Since the previous junction was thrust upon us the traffic stopped by lights has seriously outweighed the traffic stuck at the previous mini roundabout, it flowed, now it doesn’t. As far as cyclist using the converted cycle path I have only seen one in all the time since it was completed and I use the road frequently. Lets stop this nonsense and have a democratic vote instead of trying to push this through un-democratically.


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